About us


Hi, I’m Herman de Koning, also known in the Capoeira world as Professor Safari. In 2000, on the advice of a friend, I went to take a look at a capoeira class. I never left and since then I have been taking lessons with Mestre Samara of grupo Senzala. (www.senzala.nl) I have had the purple belt with the corresponding title “Professor” for several years now, which means that I can and may teach.

Mestre Samara

Claudio Lemos or Master Samara of Grupo Senzala came to Europe in 1984 after completing his training as a sports teacher in Rio de Janeiro. His life was often dominated by traveling and spreading Capoeira within and outside Europe. Together with Master Marreta from the Berimbau de Ouro group, he has been organizing the Easter workshop for 30 years. A four-day event where capoeiristas from all over the world come together in Amsterdam to practice the sport.

Grupo Senzala

Grupo Senzala was founded in 1963 in Rio de Janeiro by a group of friends who shared a passion for Capoeira. The group developed from training together at home to winning championships and gained great name recognition in Brazil. They also engaged in teaching in various places from the University to the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Today the group consists of more than 60 masters, each with their own unique skills and vision, with schools all over the world.